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Highly User friendly and Intuitive

Various attributes contribute in in making EnterpriseRecruit a highly user-friendly recruiting software as in:

1. Simple

Provides quick access to all the features with easy to understand work-flows.

2. Clean

Easy to locate feature capabilities and options.

3. Intuitive

Highly intuitive system that swiftly takes you to automation for effectively utilizing your time.

EnterpriseRecruit Features
EnterpriseRecruit Features

Create Job Opening

EnterpriseRecruit is beyond the Application Tracking System (ATS). ATS only tracks the application process management, whereas, EnterpriseRecruit manages the entire recruitment life cycle from the job opening to the payment process.

You can post multiple job openings on multiple job boards and social media channels; enabling you to attract more candidates with the strategy of post once, publish everywhere.

Manage Recruiters

EnterpriseRecruit allows effective staff management without sacrificing your productive time. If you are the admin for your EnterpriseRecruit account, you have access to every aspect of the application. Whereas, the Recruiters will have access based on assigned privileges (i.e. role based access).

EnterpriseRecruit Features
EnterpriseRecruit Features

Create Hiring Team

EnterpriseRecruit enables you to customize/ set-up complete hiring teams and manage their roles and responsibilities including the Interviewers and External HR Consultancy. Assign specific roles for every job and track the outcome with our opening activity dashboard.

Each job you create in EnterpriseRecruit has the specific option of adding ‘Assign hiring team’ and ‘Assign agencies’.

Transparent communication allows everyone to be on the same page.

Graphic Reports

EnterpriseRecruit provides graphical representations of statistical and detailed reports for different stages of the recruitment life cycle.

This graphical representation enables faster decision making and saves substantial time spent in calculating the information manually. With the efficient graphical reports, you could use the time for other activities of greater importance.

EnterpriseRecruit Features

Activity Dashboard

Central navigation point to track all activities


Get user-wise real-time notifications

Field Level Data Encryption

Data security by encrypting the necessary fields containing sensitive data

Access based Recruiter Portal

Create recruiters with specific privileges

Customer Portal

Helps you post and track your jobs easily

Headhunter Access Portal

Invite Agencies to participate in the Hiring process

Website Integration

Integrate Your Website's Career page with us

Manage Candidate database

A centralised Candidate database for easy access and management

Custom Mail Templates

Create Pre-drafted email templates for personalized email with custom formats

Job Openings

Manage the complete recruitment life cycle for each Opening

Free Job Posting

Attract more candidates than ever before through Job posting on Job boards

Social Recruiting

Post jobs across popular social media platforms

Skill Assessment

Scheduling online evaluationswith the integrated Skill assessment tool

Interview Scheduling

Seamless Interview process for your candidates

Integrated Interview Process

Engage Interviewers with a customizable Interview Process

Job Tracking

Easy job tracking through an intuitive interface

Automated Profile Rating

Know the best Profile for your Job

Applicant Management

Simplify the recruitment process with well-organized Applicant profiles

Generate your Invoice

Monitor your receivable and payable accounts with invoice & financial modules

Manage your Payment

Manage Payment against Invoice for each Candidate

Graphical & Summary Reports

Get the statistics to make decisions very quickly

Manage your Tasks

Collaborate effectively and efficiently with your team by keeping all tasks organized

Market Place

Obtain candidate's feedback within Network

Spot your Candidate

A Pictorial presentation of Applicant tracking flow

Customer Support

Quick and actionable customer support

Upgrade/ Downgrade Plan

Switch your current plan with ease

What can EnterpriseRecruit do for your business?

EnterpriseRecruit brings immense value to your business by expediting the Recruitment process through collaboration and streamlining the Recruitment life cycle